Wednesday, November 08, 2006

They Really ARE Like a Professional Team

University of Miami DT Bryan Pata was shot and killed outside his apartment Tuesday night. This is another example of "The U" playing like the big boys.

In 1996, Marlin Barnes was murdered in a campus apartment. In 2003, Al Blades was killed in a car accident, about a year after linebacker Chris Campbell also died in a crash.

This July, safety Willie Cooper was shot in the ass cheeks and Brandon Meriweather, one of Cooper's teammates and roommates, returned fire at Cooper's assailant. Last month, Miami brawled on the field with Florida International. And let us not forget that Najeh Davenport was caught pooping in his ex-girlfriends closet.

How can you Rudy-loving assholes not root for the Hurricanes?


Garwood B. Jones said...

They're all just emulating the bad behavior that they saw in the unedited version of The Program. Damn you James Caan. DAMN YOU!

Critical Sports Blog said...

The only thing we haven't seen is a knife fight. That's schedule for two week from now.