Thursday, November 16, 2006

Quick Round Up on NCAA Hoops

Well, the press is calling it an upset, but I wouldn't. Michigan State beat #18 Texas tonight. Uber whitey Drew Neitzel hit the game winning runner, putting Michigan State up 63-61. I don't know why Michigan State isn't in the 25 to start the season, but as I predicted, they will be soon (perhaps even before Thanksgiving).

It seems to be almost an annual tradition--Michigan State makes a great run towards the end of year, key players graduate or go pro, and Tom Izzo is left holding with a bunch of unproven underclassmen. They look streaky at the beginning of the year, people doubt them, and then they make their great run towards the end of the season. It's getting a bit tiresome, frankly. They will probably finish in the top 3 of the Big 10 (Wisconsin being the prohibitive #1) and they aren't in the top 25.

For whatever reason, the folks at ESPN are much more excited about Michigan than Michigan State. I'm not sure why, aside from the fact that Michigan is a bit older, and that Tommy Amaker's job may be on the line this year.

Texas has one of those phenom freshman who people are saying would have skipped college if it were not for the new rule in the NBA about 18 year olds. And certainly, Kevin Durant is worth keeping one's eyes on.

I have to assume that Georgia State is a rival to Georgia Tech in name only. Tech blew their doors off, 103-74. The Ramblin' Wreck of GA Tech has been reborn, and figures to makes lots and lots of noise in the ACC. They have incredible underclassmen players, with super cool names. Freshmen Thaddeus Young and Javaris Crittenton, with Sophomore Lewis Clinch, combined for 57 points. Somewhere, IDYFT contributor Barnyard is rubbing one out to the re-emergence of the Hornets.

We are also silently celebrating the presumed early exit of Kansas from the Top 5, losing to a team that lost to Loyola Marymount. Usually Kansas waits until the NCAA tournament to fuck up. Let's hope this is a sign of things to come, and no one will be unjustly burnt by buying into Kansas hype. They haven't lived up to it since Danny Manning had only one bad knee.

Oh, and the 3-0 Zags, who I said deserved to be in the top 25? They'll be playing North Carolina tonight in what should be a great game, if one can get past the near constant handjobbery of Tyler Hansborough. Tyler will have his hands full with the equally white Josh Heytvelt.

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