Friday, November 17, 2006

Those Whacky Raiders!

The California Court threw out a jury's $34.2 million award to the Oakland Raiders. It seemed that the Raiders had finally won something, but it was all for naught. Why were the Raiders suing their own stadium?

They claimed that the Oakland Coliseum falsely promised a sold-out stadium to lure the team back to the Bay Area from Los Angeles. If you recall, Al Davis moved his team to LA out of spite and then, in 1995, moved them back to Oakland ... out of spite.

The Coliseum gave the Raiders a $53 million loan, $10 million for a training complex and $100 million for renovations. When ticket sales -- shockingly -- dropped over the last few years, Davis sued for fraud. In front of a jury of his "peers" [see blurry image of peers to right], Davis was awarded the $34.2 million.

The 3rd District Court of Appeal in Sacramento maintained that lack of ticket sales could be attributed to how hilariously badly the Raiders have sucked since they were blown out in Superbowl XXXVII 48-21 (which featured NFL MVP Richy Gannon tossing 5 INTs, a Superbowl Record). Since then, the Raiders have accumulated a 11-30 record (.366).

Raiders general counsel Jeff Birren said the team was considering an appeal to the California Supreme Court. Unfortunately they can't appeal having the worst offense in the NFL. Hey Raider Fans, SUCK ON IT!

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