Sunday, November 12, 2006

Other Blog Round, Part Zwei

Critical Sports Blog, worries about the whereabouts of Suzy Kolber. This isn't connected to nothing, but CSB (along with IDYFT contributor Badcock) both apparently regard soccer to not be a sport. This gives me an excuse to link to my beautiful takedown of the Dick Bags Who Rag on Soccer post. I will take that opportunity. As far as the location of Suzy Kolber, I suggest we ask Barnyard, whose desire to be conkers deep in Suzy might make him an effective bloodhound.

Insurance Runs can't stand the current playoff system in the MLB. I think he is, without being fully cognizant of this fact, arguing for a system of relegation/promotion.

Sportsocracy has some thoughts on what Rutgers beating Lousiville means vis-a-vis the BCS system. They argue for a 128 team play-off, and I don't disagree. What if the whole season was a One and Done tournament? That'd be awesome!

The Big Picture continues their assault on True Love. They seem to think that the uberhot new wife of Jeff Gordon didn't marry him because he finishes her sentences, or that they both love labradoodles, or they enjoy drinking Coffee and completing the New York Times Sunday Crossword together. These fucking bastards think it was all about the money. Say a prayer for them, as their cynicism will surely lead to an unhappy life.

Free Darko is a scary place, and we have no idea what's going on there.

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Badcock said...

I wouldn't fuck Suzy Kolber with someone else's dick.

Tom Powers for President!