Saturday, November 25, 2006

More College Basketball Upsets! Yay Again!

#10 Kansas beats #1 Florida, 82-80 in overtime

Keep in mind, this is the same team that lost to Oral Roberts University a little earlier in the season. They looked good in this game, though, and got some key players on Florida's side in early foul trouble--which seemed to hurt Florida's chemistry a good deal. This game marks the first time Kansas has beaten the #1 country in like 12 years--as much as I think Kansas has a tendency to be overrated, that's still a rather shocking statistic. All the same, this Kansas team, if they can play like they did tonight, should start moving back up the rankings in pretty quick order--they had a balanced offense, with four guys scoring 13 points or more--they hit their free throws at the end, and just look better than they have all year.

#24 Wichita State beats #6 LSU, 57-53

This game surprised the hell out of me, as I had no idea that LSU was in the top 10. Or that they still have Glen Davis shuffling his fat ass around the court. The result does not surprise me. When will people realize the power of the Shockers? They had 5 players score double digits, including my favorite, P.J. Cousinard, who had 12. 5 players in double digits in a extremely low-scoring game--the Shockers may not be particularly deep, but their starting 5 can play with just about anybody.

One quick about a game between two teams just out of the Top 25--Creighton beat George Mason 58-56. Once Creighton's awesomely named guard, Nate Funk is back to 100%, and consistent, this team will be in the Top 25. They've had a relatively slow start, but they are considered the class of the Missouri Valley Conference, and that perception is justified. If Wichita State is in the Top 25, then the Bluejays can't be too far behind.

One more thing--Seth Davis, College Basketball Nerd Extraordinaire has reported that classic (and dearly missed) Washington DC sports broadcaster Glenn Brenner (who passed away in 1991) has been YouTubed. This is truly great news for Badcock and myself. For the rest of you, expect the random Glenn Brenner clip to show up soon.

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