Thursday, November 23, 2006

Random Great Soccer Goals, Pt 1

Contributor Badcock expressed some annoyance that Barnyard posted an item about the passing of forgotten soccer great Ferenc Puskas. Badcock's point was that we were in the middle of important American Football doings, and European Football doings should take a backseat. His argument, I suppose was, "Hey, if any great Soccer players die, wait until American Football season is over."

That's a pretty fucking stupid thing to say. And to annoy Badcock, and Phil, and to delight soccer fans such as myself, Miwacar, Barnyard, Muumuuman, Norwood, and Garwood*, I'm going to post great soccer goals throughout history, quite randomly. Here's the first one.

Garrincha, for Brazil, stroking a fucking nasty free kick as fucking Pele looks on.

Who knows when the Second Random Great Soccer goal will get posted?

*That would be every other contributor to IDYFT.


Anonymous said...

I like soccer. Not as much as american football, but I like it. One of my closest friends writes for an Amsterdam sports mag on soccer.

A qoute from a 2002 article, "O'Brien was spotted on stage with friend Brendan Hunt, doing a bit on standup, but his return to the soccer pitch is probably a ways off as he just started light training."

He can be read here.

My one soccer story goes like this...

In 2001, I talked my then pregnant girlfriend into letting me visit Brendan in Amsterdam, before I had to give up "the life." Brendan, a passionate sports fan, had become a soccer fan during his time there. Brendan took us by a friends apartment who played for Ajax. His name was John O'Brien. I didn't know the guy from Adam, but he was cool and gave us tickets to the game the next day. He would eventually score the U.S.'s first goal in the 2002 World Cup.

I can't even remember who they played that day. The stadium was topnotch. Huge, yet economic. Modern, but not showy. The crowd was as vested in the game as any I had ever been around. Never taking their eyes from the action. They saw things within the game I couldn't. I was just soaking up the scene, feeling like a dilettante. It was quite a scene. Becaue of the almost constant flow of action the crowds involvement seems to be a part of that flow. Whole sections of fans acting as one. In American sports, with all the stopping of play, the crowd involvment seems to just add to the background. Creating an either more or less hostile environment for the game to take place in. I'm not a good enough writter to explain my point well, and basketball is an exception to this.

The fans passion was such that the opposing teams family, friends and officials had to be brought in by private train, to a private entrance and sat in a section completely walled off by plexiglass, surounded by security. Wow, and I thought White Sox fans were dangerous. After the game, John O'Brien got us into the players/team/media meet and greet. All the Ajax players come out of the locker in the same suit. Grey, with a red Ajax tie, which I thought was rather cool. The sponsers and players shake hands and chat it up, I try not to look like the guy on the three day drug bender that I am.

As the party broke up, John gives us a lift back to the city. Every women we passed looked like they were gonna to climb in the car with us. At first I didn't put it together in my head. It's hard for four guys, crammed into a European compact, three of us wild-eyed from indulgence, to look good. Of course, John had kept the suit on. They all knew who he was and I was in his posse.

Good times. Thanks to soccer, or football as they call it

Badcock said...

So did that guy O'brien fake an injury and roll around on the pitch or not?

Haha, you liberal arts loving duckers.

What was it the St. Thomas retards yelled during our reunion? Oh yeah, now I remember.

Go ahead, love up the soccer.

I just thought this was a sports site, that's all.

By the way, Miami is awesome!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that Badcock should bring up disappointed expectations concerning this sports site.

I thought the Redskins were a football team. So I know how he feels.