Sunday, November 26, 2006

Divine Gestures Around the NFL

Fuck me? Fuck you! Twice! Falcons QB Vick gave booing fans a double-barrelled flip-off following the home loss to the Saints. Vick, who almost broke the record for most rushing yards by a QB in a single game, started hearing the home fans boo in the first half. Vick apologized and may well be fined. Fans that boo their own team when they are struggling are not actually helping their team. As a Redskins fan I can understand their frustration, and Redskins fans booed some wicked-lame playcalling. But booing Vick is absurd. Anyone watch that game? Falcons receivers cannot catch.

You know what was a Most Obscene Gesture? San Diego WR Vincent Jackson caught a 13 yard pass on 4th and 2. At the time, the Chargers were losing at home to the Lowly Worm Raiders. He hit the ground untouched and spiked the ball. I know it's only his second year in the pros, but the play was still live, actually, and the Raiders recovered.

Luckily for the Chargers, the refs ruled it an illegal forward pass. Four plays later, LaDainian Tomlinson threw a beauty 19-yard touchdown pass to (yet again wide-open in the endzone) Antonio Gates to tie the game at 14 and hasten victory.

Gesture of futility During the Giants hysterical 4th quarter meltdown (nice decision making there, Eli Manning. It's like having a coach on the field), Giants rookie DE Kiwanuka had Titans QB Young wrapped up for a sack on 4th and 10, then let him go. Young ran 19 yards for a first down. Young said, "Thank God for letting me loose."

I would thank Coach Meltdown, too: "I don't have the words to talk about it right now, and I probably won't when I see it. We're going to be sick about this one forever," Coughlin said.

I hope you are sick about this one forever. And nice job not airing your disappointment in the media. Way to lead by example.

Divine Intervention, or good football? Late in the fourth quarter versus the tenacious Panthers defense and tied 10-10, Jason Campbell had to shake off his first-ever INT.

It was third down. Campbell took command of the huddle and called ... nothing. Because his helmet transmitter was dead. Campbell called his own play (as every QB used to do). He hit H-Back Cooley on an In route for the first down and Cooley broke two tackles and scored on the 66 yard game-winning reception that more than doubled Campbell's pass yardage.

"I didn't hear the play that was called," Campbell said. "I just tried to call one of the plays that we worked on all week that would give us an opportunity to make a first down. Fortunately, God was with me when I made that call, and Cooley did a great job of running after the catch."


Anonymous said...

I hadn't realized God was a 'Skin fan.

Badcock said...

If there were a God, he would be a Redskins fan. Hell, he's the one that invented smallpox and rifles, right?

One thing I don't understand in Campbell's theology, however. Why didn't God just fix the helmet transmitter?

The only obvious answer is that then Campbell would never have known about God's presence in the huddle. But what sort of "God" would need to remind you all the time that he's around, fixing stuff like some invisible Schneider? Sounds pretty insecure.

And where was God when we signed Neon Freaking Pee-on Sanders?

Anonymous said...

God=Schneider. Exellent.

Jerious Norwood said...

God as a kind of cosmic W. Axl Rose makes more sense.

Anonymous said...

Jerious, With the state the world is in, I'd have to agree.