Friday, November 10, 2006

You don't need to call me now for the IDYFT fantasy football tip of the week!

A perfect storm is rising.

Take a woman who can see into the future...

Add the athleticism, fun-lovingness, and willingness to pull down the pants of a referee (also a life time winning percentage near .1000)...

And what do you get?

Ladies and gentlemen say hello to the greatest QB prospect in the history of the NFL. He'll distract the opposition with a bucket of confetti and see every blitz coming days, if not weeks away. You cannot get fantasy advice like this anywhere else. Pick up 'n start Cleo Lemon now fer ya person'l football team.'

Dolphin head coach Nick Saban refuted an ESPN report that he will start backup QB Cleo Lemon over Joey Harrington this Sunday against the Chiefs. But the cards never lie! He will be the greatest QB in history, my babies!


Badcock said...

I agree, but are you sure he's ready?

He needs to combine an outrageously fake Jamaican accent with a no-look halfcourt over-the-shoulder shot. And, in today's NFL, that takes time.

Pedantic said...

The Globetrotters only won 10% of their games?