Saturday, November 25, 2006

College Basketball Upsets! Yay!

Let's start with one of the most satisfying for me, in a schadenfreudish kind of way.

Missouri State 66, Wisconsin (#7 in the Whole Damn Country!) 64

Blake Ahearn could not be stopped! Wisconsin, despite having a guy who reminds me of Billy Dee Williams in Star Wars (Alando!) and a guy who looks like a young Chris Rock (Kammron!) could not fend off the mighty Missouri State Bears.

There are stories in nature in which Badgers fend off bears, and even attack them. This was not the case tonight, as the two stars of Wisconsin I mentioned in the previous paragraph missed free throws in the closing minutes. Wisconsin will be fine in the long run--The Big 10 always sends 4 to 6 teams to the Big Dance, and Wisconsin still stinks like a a top 2 Big 10 team (Minnesota lost to Marist, and then got their doors blown off by the Salukis of Southern Illinois. It seems only people in the Big 10 know this, but I'm going to admit it now: The Big 10 has 11 teams, and only 5 of them deserve to be considered Big. It's a Big 5 conference, with a small to middlin' 6 tagging along for ride).

Butler 79, Gonzaga (21) 71

This game proved that Protestant Bulldogs are tougher than Jesuit Bulldogs. Which is saying something. Bulldogs are tough regardless of religious inclination of course. Except Taoist Bulldogs--those bulldogs are pussies. Bullpussies, if you will. But that's a whole other thing. Butler has played a tougher schedule than about half of the Big Ten, or half of the Big East, for that matter, and they are undefeated. Not only should they be in the Top 25, they now have to be considered a very, very dangerous team. They beat the team that beat North Carolina! Clearly, they are better than North Carolina. Or maybe, (just maybe) North Carolina is a touch overrated, because the folks who vote on the top 25 can't stop fantasizing about Tyler Hansborough's magical penis. Or maybe, rankings this year are more meaningless than ever; what with the new Stern rule in place, it is very difficult to evaluate talent in the early going. There may have been anywhere from 6-12 players who would have skipped college to go pro who are now playing in the NCAA. What will their impact be? Who the fuck can say this soon? (Though GA Tech's youngsters look good).

What was my point? Oh, Butler is 6-0, and 3-0 against the Big East, the Big Ten and the SEC. And they knocked off Gonzaga. Come Monday, they'll crack the top 25, but just barely.

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