Thursday, November 23, 2006

Big Moments at RFK Stadium I Witnessed

I was there when the Rolling Stones played, and a rather unknown band known as Living Color opened. That was a big moment for me in RFK Stadium.

It pales in comparison to the time I was there for the Redskins incredible season of 1991. I was there for theie one home loss, to the dreaded Dallas Cowboys. It drove me batshit insane, knowing that the one Redskins game I was ever going to be able to go to was a rather ugly loss in the midst of a Super Bowl season.

But the single best moment I ever had at RFK was the 1994 World Cup, Belgium vs. Saudi Arabia. My parents had bought tickets to the first round of World Cup games at RFK, and they gave me what they thought were the stinkers. And I got to see this goal, live:

Yes, this is the 2nd part of Random Great Goals. No athleticism here! No excitement! Feh.

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