Friday, November 03, 2006

Now or Never

There's many disparate viewpoints offered on this Blahg. And, occasionally, some of them are valid. But, according to Big Magnum's Charter, this is a Washington Redskins fan site. And I would like to take just a moment of your time.

Underachievers of the Year? We'll see if 20-year veteran Ray Brown can boost it (all quotations via Head Coach Joe Gibbs: "What Ray can do there, not from a coaching standpoint, is talk to young guys about how to become successful here. It is one thing for me to say something to them. They are not going to pay a lot of attention to me. They are going to pay a lot of attention to Ray Brown because he played 20 years."

Please don't think I'm correcting anybody, let alone a Hall-of-Fame Three-Time World Champion Professional Football Coach, but if the players aren't going to pay attention to you, Head Coach Joe Gibbs, why would they listen to a backup lineman who's been around half as long?

I know that sounds very offensive and harsh. But it's just the cold hard light of logic, I'm sorry really, I really am, but I am absolutely correct: if you don't know the secret password into the titty bar hidden underneath the Red Lobster in Tyson's Corner, neither does Ray Brown.

Nevertheless: "Gibbs indicated that Brown will be relied on to help the team through tough times. In 2005, when the Redskins were struggling at 5-6, Gibbs relied on Brown as a locker room leader. Brown helped set a tone that led to a five-game winning streak and a postseason berth."

Meanwhile, Redskins RB Portis says: "When you are running the ball, you can find a way to grind and find a way to get in a rhythm. Sometimes throwing the ball can be a quick way to a three-and-out."

I hope that the Redskins coaches and O-line heed this properly. If the Redskins run with Portis and play bone-crushing defense, we will win and the season has a purpose. If the Redskins lose, it's more:

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