Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tennis is Full of Very Attractive People

Tennis isn't all about Maria Sharapova, or Anna Pornokuva, or Andy Roddick. There's lot of pretty people who have played the game. I know Barnyard has a soft spot for Chanda Rubin. I know I had a thing for Kimiko Date. Surely, there are plenty of women and gay men who dug the Patrick Rafter's vibe. Young Chris Evert? Hello! But the media maelstrom is such that we tend to focus on one hottie per 3 year cycle. There are men and women who are totally hot, and probably in the top 50 of Tennis who deserve to be mentioned. So I'm opening a channel here. Hot tennis players, throughout the years--send in your picks. Either to our email () or in the comments.

Let's try to get to a definitive Top 10 for both genders. We're aren't worried about rankings, but they should have appeared on the TV at least once.

So, who do you dig on the Tennis circuit. Ladies or Men. Let us know!


softwolf said...

Grant Connell, Aaron Krickstein, Luke Jensen, Stefan Edberg, Pat Rafter, Amy Frazier, Emilio Sanchez, mmm mmm mmmm. David Wheaton for a little while, but his 'godliness' turned me off I think :)

Anonymous said...

Mats Wilander

Badcock said...

While I appreciate Big Blue's wide-ranging interests, I would like to remind him that it is football season. I know that the Redskins are in full-suck mode right now, but let's keep our chins up. Sexy tennis players? Can't we save this for later?

Critical Sports Blog said...

Most of the Russina chicks.

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