Thursday, November 09, 2006

Blogs We Link To Round Up

It occurs to us that we have a lovely blogroll (that we'll be adding to, shortly, as great blogs like PacifistViking make their presence felt) that we don't regularly check in on our blogging sisters and brothers and mothers and 2nd cousins who make us feel funny in our pants. So here's a round up of recent blogging by our Uncomfy Family. Thank God we don't have to have Thanksgiving we these Folks! We'll take our actually family over them! And that's saying something.

Bat-Girl: She's got news on Daisuke Matsuzaka. We'd call it snarky news, but since she's a woman, and women aren't allowed to be snarky, we'll say it is bitchy news. God, her funny commentary is so bitchy. It'd be funny if she were a man.

Off the Baggie: Wrote a great send-up of T.O's kids books, and the apparently decided to follow the baseball offseason. Hey, OTB, you're a blogger, not an actual Twin! Get off your ass!

Kissing Suzy Kolber: Can't Deal with women feeding their babies.

The Sports Bastards: They Can't Believe It, and neither can I, but they are singing the praises of the ATL Hawks.

The Fan's Attic: They didn't care for the coverage by Neil Everett on Brian Pata's death.

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Critical Sports Blog said...

Neil should've danced to the smooth sounds of George Benson while announcing the death of Mr. Pata. Nothing's serious like George Benson singing "Gimme' The Night"