Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Shockers Join The Top 25!

as predicted by better men than me on this blog--just kidding--the rest of the "men" who post on this blog are jackanapes--it was predicted by me, here, the Wichita State Shockers have cracked the Top 25 NCAA Men's basketball rankings.

Maryland also cracked the top 25, on the strength of Daryl Strawberry's kid. DJ Strawberry had been playing lights out. Of course, the other team had no heart, skip.

Michigan State is definitely going to crack this top 25 in another week or two. Winthrop and Air Force have hung tough with the likes of ACC Powerhouses NC and Duke, respectively.

This is just going to be a fantastic year of College Hoops. Your bracket is already fucked.


Badcock said...

Go Shockers!

I hope they build a program that's sure and sound, and runs the floor for many years to come.

Go Shockers!

Two in the pink, one in the stink!

The Babaganoosh said...

Maryland isn't in the top 25 because of Strawberry's kid - the guy is not nearly as good as people say he is. He doesn't play anywhere near potential, and as soon as the Terps fall behind, he quits playing hard and sulks. The Terps are in the top 25 because of a far superior freshman class compared to the last couple of years and the replacement of 2005 Ekene Ibekwe with some sort of Robotic Ekene Ibekwe that scores 20 points in a game. I can't explain it either.

Does anyone else want to see ESPN 7 televise VMI games just to watch 250 points get scored every game or is it just me?