Thursday, November 23, 2006

Our Newest Blogroll Additions

There's the Cash Box, a blog so perfectly Minnesotan that it almost hurts. Really, really smart guy, who looks like he might kill you if you welch on a bet involving bowling. No guarantee that whatever he's talking about is sports related in the least. But interestesting reading, great links, and just enough sports to get linked to here.

And then there's Leave the Man Alone, a blog run by someone who calls themselves the Head Chick in Charge. All signs point to that being not a pun on oral sex. Which makes us a little sad, but the fact is, the blog is funny, pointed, and most important, willing to link to us, and give us credit when it does so. Shocking, that! So, we are big fans. We'd like to to think we would be big fans regardless of whether it was run by a woman or not. But who can say?

So, you miserable fat bastards, go swing by Leave the Man Alone. Enjoy our cameo there.

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