Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Request to Our Massive Readership. Re: Brett Favre

We here at I Dislike Your Favorite Team love, love Brett Favre. Even the Vikings fans amongst will grudingly admit their love for him. But there are a couple of really important Brett Favre moments I can't find any reference to on the Internets. I'm enlisting the help of our readers (aside from my parents) to help us find these classic moments. And not a single moment, we promise involves Dan Dierdorf saying that "Brett Favre Loves this Game! He's like a kid out there. He's got a Linebacker's approach to the game! He's a gunslinger" Or any other Favrian sack-spittle commentary. We are looking for two things.

One. Barnyard and I were watching this together, so it was probably in '95 or thereabouts, and it was one of those ridiculous QB Challenges that NBC would put together. Great fun all by itself, but there was 1 minute of Football Comedy Gold when Brett Favre ran through his imitations of the various elder statesmen of QBing. He did such a disturbingly spot on imitation of Elway's body language and idiosyncracies that we laughed and laughed. We would love to have video of that.

Two. This one should be infamous, but isn't. If only Joe Buck had been there...Unfortunately, the broadcasters were I think Stockton and someone else, but it was definitely a Packer Game, possibly against the 49'ers, when they were forced to throw a Detmer into the starting lineup. I think it had to have been 4th quarter when this happened because the Detmer celebration (after throwing a TD) was one that no Detmer, and no QB, really, would make without thinking the game was in hand. Detmer "simulated" reaching into his pants, digging out his cock, and then slapping some chick's ass as he did her from behind. Stockton and his partner said something like, "Wow, that's some crazy dance from Detmer." No, it wasn't a dance. He was miming pulling out his cock, and slapping a chick on the ass! Favre gets back on the field, drives down the field, and chucks a TD pass. He, looking right at Detmer, apes the cock-whipping out dance. The TV people are oblivous: "Favre's mocking Detmer's crazy dance!" I swear this happened, and it was awesome. I want the video. Good people, in return for this footage (or the QB Challenge Video) I'll post the Green Bay Fundraiser Softball Video, buy you a Statue of Jesus Playing Football (No, you may not have the Cash Equivalent), and One Free Post on this here blog!

Update: We have the beginnings of what we are looking for. We have established that it was Koy Detmer, whilst playing as an Eagle. We even have, thanks to an anonymous helper, the video of Koy Detmer snapping the whip, or whatever. Now, we need the footage of Favre doing the same thing whilst mocking Detmer.

Update 2: We have an pretty exact time now, thanks to an old Don Banks column:
This could change as early as Monday night. But up until now, the most memorable moment of Koy Detmer's NFL career came in his first start in 1998, with an unusual post-touchdown pass celebration in a Sunday night game at Green Bay.

If you've forgotten, Detmer reproduced a bizarre and semi-obscene gesture from that bastion of pop culture, Beavis and Butthead, and incorporated it into a little mid-field dance. Facing Favre and the Packers, Detmer executed a move that came to be called "the whip."

"It was hilarious," said then Packer and current Eagles running back Dorsey Levens. "I was dying on the sideline, but some people took offense to it. Brett was [angry]. Hopefully Koy won't be spanking any monkeys this weekend."

As a sign of our seriousness, we give you the Packer's Softball Fundraiser Video, courtesy of radio station WIXX 101 and Grand Chute, WI!


Barnyard said...

During an early season game vs. the Panthers, young master Brett put a shake and wiggle on Dan Morgan that resulted in a broken leg by Daniel.

Hint for frantic searchers: I'm fairly certain it was younger brother Koy Detmer who performed the cock-slap dance and certain he was an Eagle at the time.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Brett Favre.

Barnyard said...

Cogent. Bears fan?

Anonymous said...

Bears fan.

Anonymous said...

the poster above is right - the Detmer thing was in an Eagles-49ers game.

Anonymous said...

Koy Detmer and his "trademark" (?!) "snap the whip" celebration ... i could see how that would be confused with the other

Badcock said...

The best part about this is the link to the Jesus sports figurines. I guess that was posted before started spouting all over this site. That is very funny stuff.

Muumuuman said...

Who won the softball game? All I saw is a mix of homo-erotic clips where the men wrestled and tossed water on each other. Ahhh I get it now, EVERYONE IS A WINNER!!!