Friday, November 03, 2006


ESPN is reporting that Fran Liriano is likely to miss the entire 2007 baseball season while rehabilitating from the dreaded Tommy John surgery to replace a major elbow ligament. The good news is that TJ surgery is now considered a 'tune-up' of sorts for pitchers, and the prognosis for a full recovery is good. More worrying however is that a growing conventional wisdom is that this injury (as well as its bungled diagnosis & initial treatment regime, and Twins quick exit in the playoffs) stems from the tastelessly crass and ill advised commentary of Miwacar during the summer, which compared Mark Prior to 'Glass Joe' of Punchout fame. As a fan of the Twins and baseball, here's hoping that this 'curse' on the squad is short-lived and that certain commentators think twice before again invoking the specter of a beloved video game character from our formative years with malevolent intention.


Miwacar said...

A curse maybe, but nothing a little snifter of chicken blood and toad eyes can't handle. It also does not actual take away from the fact that Mark Prior has been a "Glass Joe".

I should have never spit on that old gypsy lady in Spain when she attempted to sell me some herbs.

Big Blue Monkey said...

If we can not spit on old gypsy ladies in Spain who can we spit on?

Jerious Norwood said...

Apparantly killing their families in your car while getting a blowjob is what really pisses them off. But who knew they were also sensitive about Mark Prior? Maybe they're Cubbie fans.

Badcock said...

Punch-Out is my favorite arcade game of all time.

Glass Joe, Piston Hurricane, Bald Bull, Pizza Pasta ... shit I can't remember the rest. I beat it once. Happiest day of my dark, depressing life.

For example, I was the person Miwacar spit on in Spain. And those weren't herbs I was trying to sell, it was my children.