Thursday, November 23, 2006

On Behalf of Julius Jones Owners Everywhere...

Fuck you, Bill Parcells, Fuck You!

For some mysterious reason, you decided that Jones couldn't run in the one yard run. Fair enough. But then you decided that to effectively run a bullshit goalline play-action play, MBIII had to be in the backfield. That's bullshit.

Marion Barber the Third doesn't do a damn thing that Julius Jones couldn't do. Ask anyone to run six inches behind your fat, stupid line, and they could probably do it. How about you ask Julius to do it, just once this season, you fat, overrated, asslicking son of a wet towel with lubricant?

I Dislike The Big Fat, Overrated Tuna.

And then you decided, with the game out of reach, you need the stolid, steady hands of MBIII, despite the fact that he has fumbled more than Julius Jones this year. You are worse than Belichek and Shanahan combined, and in terms of Fantasy Football, that's like being worse than Hitler. You are worse than Hitler, Bill Parcells. Fuck you!

And by the by, nice work from Fox, managing to use nothing but American Idol talent in the Thanksgiving Game. Who hasn't yet had enough of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood? I want more! Also, more of the Buck and Aikman daughters! More of all the shit that makes me think it isn't a football game, but just a celebration of what makes America and Fox great! More of that! Where's Justin Guarini? Paula Abdul? Should they have been in the box, hugging the Aikman brood?


Badcock said...

I could be misinterpreting this, but it sure sounds like some "Redskins fan" is complaining about the fantasy comportment of the Dallas Cowboys RB attack.

This is why fantasy football is bullshit.

Fuck you.

Oh, Happy Thanksgiving.

Critical Sports Blog said...'re saying your upset? :-)

Anonymous said...

In my league, the owner of MBIII and Jones has been starting them both for two weeks. His team sucks of course.

Badcock, is the cowboys aren't playing the 'skins, why does it matter.