Sunday, November 19, 2006

Late Calls

Here's a couple late calls after Week 11:

1) Anyone hear of this Ladanian Tomlinson guy? He seems pretty good. Beating Emmitt Smith and Jim Brown to 100 TDs (and then adding two more to the total) has to be some kind of record, right?

2) Illegal Mustache: Charlie Frye, you are in violation. I can't find an image of it, but if you were watching today's collapse vs. those darn Steelers, you know what I'm talking about: you & Adam Morrison & all you other boners sporting the "I hang out in front of 7-11" mustaches better buy either a razor, or a magic marker.

3) Jason Campbell's first pass of the day actually went farther than all of Brunnell's passes combined.

4) The #1 passing (yards) QB in the league is out for the season. Not you, Horseface. I mean McNabb.

5) The #17 passing (rating) QB in the league (and, yawn, future Hall of Famer) Brett Favre was forced out of the game with nerve damage to his throwing hand, which (unless he's a selfish ass who cares more about his "QB start record" than the well-being of his team) should likely mean the end of his start streak. He'll probably fight through, what with his "gunslinger mentality" and all, and chuck INTs all over Seattle. Rodgers can play as well as Favre, although of course he lacks the future Hall of Famer's grit, determination and "playing like a kid out there." Statistically, Favre was 5-15 for 73 yards. Rodgers was 4-12 for 32 yards. Close enough.

Not that I want Favre injured (you can tell this is all in fun, right? Helluva QB, that Favre), but he clearly should have read my prescient August "No More Tears" column ( I wouldn't have to quote myself if you folks paid more attention:

"At long last, Packer-haters may get to see what they've been waiting a long time to see: Brett Farver suffering a season-ending injury. Badcock will now tell you why. The Packers O-Line has steadily eroded to the point where one has to assume the ownership WANTS Fraver to die. The best lineman on last year's shitty, shitty line (31st in the league in yards-per-rush), C Mike Flanagan, skipped town....Favrer will get hurt because his team will always be behind in points and time of possession. He'll be chucking desperate haymakers by halftime."

Check fucking mate, bitches.


Barnyard said...

Favre avoids potential criticism and controversy thanks to the broken foot of Aaron Rogers. But the truth is Favre was not seriously injured, he was held out because he was unusually ineffective. Brad Johnson ineffective.

Age and the attendant declining skills cannot be discounted, but the combination of horrible injuries (2005) and dogshit talent (2006) around Brett caused the majority of his crap performances over the past two years (that's right, the Pack was a playoff team in 2004, and a heartbreaking overtime loss away from the NFC Championship game in 2003).

On Sunday, however, he was bad. He overthrew four straight open targets and killed four drives when the game was still, kinda, within reach. Only one of the throws, a roll out to the right, required any real talent. He sucked, and the elbow injury was a convenient excuse to pull him off and save the old man some trouble reminiscent of his 2001 playoff performance against the Rams.

In any case, the Pack got seriously exposed by a vastly superior team just as every taxidermist in Wisconsin began to utter "playoffs" after they asked how your wanted your venison jerky smoked.

Badcock said...

Packer fans were talking Playoffs with the team at 4-5? Such is the NFC North.

The injury to Rodgers necessitates starting Favre. It's too bad you think an injury to his throwing elbow was "a convenient excuse." Did you see it happen? Christ, that was ugly. Not Joe Theisman snap ugly, but ugly.

I have no doubt that he truly was unable to grip the ball. It was his fucking throwing elbow. Don't think he really hurt it? See how he does on the road in Seattle.