Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Could NFL Officiating Be More Of A Joke?

San Diego WR Vincent Jackson's 'forward pass' Sunday against the Raiders is just another example of the inane state of officiating in the National Football League. People make a big fuss over whether or not replay is good or bad for the game, when the real question should be why the NFL continues micromanage the rulebook to such an extent that the fabric of the game is altered to conform to some legalistic bullshit scheme that is solely intended to protect the investments of the charlatans that own NFL clubs.

Yet another outcome determining example of the bastardization of the game occurred Sunday as well, when NY Giant end Mathias Kiwanuka pulled up short of tackling Vincent Young, thus allowing to scramble twenty yards for a crucial first down. The play was obviously integral to the outcome of the game, and would have never come about if the NFL hadn't gone to such pathetic extremes to 'protect' the QB from being touched anywhere besides the left nipple, and only then if said contact is in a gentle circular motion. Anyone whose watched the NFL lately has seen ticky tack calls for roughing the passer give teams a free fifteen yards and a first down. Then the viewer is forced to endure fuck wits like Joe Theisman attempt to justify the ruling by saying that the defender needs to know the rule, or the manner in which way the officials are calling the games, or that the team should of overcome the incompetence of the idiotic officiating and won anyway because that's what champions do. Fuck you, Theisman, you cunt. (By the way, I think it reasonable that Monk is being kept out of the hall solely based on the fact that he caught passes from that pantie waste. And yes I do know that he doesn't spell his name that way. Fuck him and fuck you too.) What was I talking about?.... Oh yeah, Fuck you NFL. Give us back a game that is compelling, and has some kind of sensible continuity, rather force feeding us segments of Jimmy Kimmel awkwardly pimping his lame show to the house slaves that happen to call Monday Night Football games nowadays.

(Note:I know that this next part isn't true, but it makes me feel better to write it.)

If the NFL doesn't wise up and start respecting the consumer a bit more, the nation is going to someday realize, "Hey, I'm listening to Tony 'fucking' Siragusa 'analyze' yet another 19 - 3 blowout between two ball control, defensive minded teams. At no point, has there been anything close to compelling on my T.V. screen, and the only reason I'm watching is mindless habit. Wait a minute, maybe the NFL isn't clearly the most entertaining sport, and that it maintains its lofty status mostly through incessant marketing, and the happy fact that its only on once a week, so that crappy game between Jacksonville and Houston must be important....right?"

Are you ready for some football, a Monday night party? Me too. Having said all that, next Sunday I'll be ignoring my wife and child, getting drunk by three and watching the Lions slug it out with some crap bag team I don't care about. Thank you Gambling. Is there nothing you can't fix?

Hey Joe, why didn't you finish the game? That's what a champion would've done.


Badcock said...

Terrible, terrible call. Why do they want to reward the douchebag who just spiked the ball in the middle of a play?

Typical WR: falls down to avoid the hit, celebrates like an asshole, costs his team.

The only differenence is that it didn't cost his team. Very strange: illegal forward pass? If you're not going to call it a fumble (which it obviously was), then consider this: it was an illegal forward pass because a) the ball can only be thrown forward once per play and b) the ball must be thrown from behind the line of scrimmage. That's two infractions, boners, and the penalty should have been 10 yards. Which means no first down, no TD, etc etc.

I'm just glad it happened to the Raiders.

Hey, remember the Tuck Rule vs. Patriots? Wasn't that shit hilarious?

Jerious Norwood said...

I hope you live

SK said...

An "illegal forward pass" should be a fumble. If the defense recovers it, they get to keep it. If the offense recovers, they get it at the spot of the fumble minus five yards.

Jerious Norwood said...

Exactly, and if the QB has the ball knocked out of his possesion, regardless of his intention it should be a fumble. Its not that complicated.

Badcock said...

Fans have been upset with a new emphasis the League is placing on protecting the QB. Jerious is right; too many of the rules needlessly complicate what should be obvious.

Another problem is that far too many of the rules require the refs to make a judgement about intention or what would have happened. For example, they changed the rules a few years back about being "forced" out of bounds while making a reception. Now refs have to decide if the receiver would have landed in bounds or not. What bullshit is that? Let the defense shove them out of bounds. If they don't get both feet down it's incomplete, end of discussion.