Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Andre Waters Commits the Ultimate Cheap Shot

I'm torn a bit here. I just read that NFL Cheap Artiste Extraordinaire Andre Waters committed suicide at age 44

On a human level, almost every single suicide is a tragedy. Not every single one--Hitler's for example--the tragedy there lay in that he wasn't just another failed artist in 1920 who committed suicide. Some are wonderfully, horrifically acts of rebellion--see the Jews at Masada, for example. But those types of suicides are few and far between. A man with wealth, success, and at a realtively young age, like Andre Waters, that's a tragedy.

On a football level, I have to say--this guy wasn't just a hard hitter. He was a fucking sociopath on the field. He collected Buddy Ryan's bounties more often than any other player on that dirty, dirty Eagles team of the 80's. I will not miss that part of the man one iota.

And that's the rub, isn't it, with sports stars. Some are brutal, borderline criminals in their workplace. The NFL is rife with men like Andre Waters. He wasn't special in his cruelty; he was just more honest (and blatant) than most.

But I don't recall him getting charged for rape, or murder, or drug trafficking. Off the field, he was apparently a very good guy. One more good guy gone, despite whatever he did when he was 23, and offered bonus money for hurting players on the other team.

RIP, Andre Waters, you dirty, dirty NFL player, and until I know different, Good Man.

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Badcock said...

Just for the record, the average age a former NFL player reaches before death is 52 years old.

That's what I mean about not faking injuries.

Karate man bruise on the inside. But you wouldn't know that because you're some big dumb Barry White-looking motherfucker.