Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bears vs. Patriots

That was a great game and, as expected, I think we all learned a lot from the Patriots eclipsing the Bears 17-13.

The Bears defense continues to impress, forcing 5 turnovers. A fine combination of knocking the ball loose and being around to recover it. CB Manning (the rookie) stepped in admirably for suspended CB Manning (the guy who beats up people in Denny's). Bernard Barrian is a gifted receiver; his clutch catches led to 75 yards in interference penalties. Charles "Peanut" Tillman continues to shine (except for starting that brawl and his late-hit penalty).

However, several major gaffs point to how far this team needs to go. QB Grossman's 4th quarter QB rating is the lowest in the NFL. He is a turnover machine. Urlacher whiffed on QB Brady, giving up a huge 3rd down conversion in the 4th quarter. Coach Smith opted to kick a pointless fieldgoal when down 17-10 late in the fourth.

The Bears defense is a very good equalizer, but they won't beat good teams with that offense. Patriots special teams was a decisive factor, and they were in command the entire game.

Who in the NFC will be beating the Bears in the playoffs?

Look out for the surging Washington Redskins, still mathematically alive and riding high on an inspirational one-game winning streak.


Anonymous said...

I was at work so I was unable to watch the entire game. In a nutshell, Urlacher getting his ankles broken by a galloping Brady, was the game. Our best versus their best. Their best won.

Look out for those 'Skins.

Badcock said...

Phil, you were waiting tables on Sunday instead of watching the Bears? That's probably why they lost.

I have also spent long years in the service industry, and Sunday has always been the day I had to have off (bless satellite TV & NFL ticket -- I haven't missed a Redskins loss in years). In a pinch, claim your wife's religious affiliation. Boom: beer & brats & Bears & beefburgers.

Because Brady juking Urlacher wasn't the entire game. It was a defensive-dominated game of field position. Pretty good chess match. Special teams gave the Patriots the advantage, and Grossman is proving to be very flappable indeed.

A note on the rash of INTs: Brady's INTs were all tipped balls caused by the defense crushing receivers. Grossman's INTs were from forcing the ball into a receiver covered by All-Pro Asanti Samuel.

Anonymous said...

Danieal Manning is neither a CB nor replacing Ricky Manning Jr. He is the starting Free Safety. Earlier in the year he replaced FS Harris who is now replacing SS Brown.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Todd Johnson is starting for Brown, not Harris.

Anonymous said...

rex grossman looks like andrew wice. he gives it up about as easily too.

note two of those brady to's were ridiculous picks (#2 they stole the baby from reche caldwell, #1 tillman catapulted to get a ball that carommed off a receiver, but grossman played catch with samuel all day long.)