Friday, November 03, 2006

What, Smuggling Cubans for Profit Is Illegal Now?

Gus Dominguez, with co-defendents, has been indicted for making two runs at Cuba to pick up baseball prosects. One run was stopped, another successful.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (aka "ICE") officials made it seem clear to ABC News that they've gotten these guys pretty much dead to rights.

"Though this case involves a Beverly Hills sports agent and talented baseball players, it is remarkably similar to the human smuggling operations that ICE encounters every day," said ICE Assistant Secretary Julie L. Myers. "The ringleaders put the lives of illegal immigrants at risk and sought to profit from their labor."

So when your team signs a "28 year old" Cuban reliever who proceeds to straighten out your team's murky bullpen situation, remember to pour a little beer out for Gus.

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Jerious Norwood said...

Since when is so terrible to put the lives of illegals at risk in order to profit from their labor? Absurd. Gus shall be treated kindly in the annals of history, rest assured. Perhaps he will be played by dreamy Josh Hartnett in the major motion picture that chronicals the his unjust imprisonment at the hands of corrupt and arrogant government officials.