Monday, November 06, 2006

Pat Neshek Gives To Charity In A Sexy Way

I do try to avoid the Star Tribune's gossip columnist C.J. I have no particular problem with her--it's just that pretending that the Twin Cities have a lot of gossip to report seems silly to me.

But the news that Pat Neshek sold his rookie Hazing Outfit (The Kinda Slutty Pink Witch) and had the winner direct their funds to Neshek's favorite Humane Society is certainly news. Neshek's Dress brought in $152.50, which seems low to us. Had we known about the auction, we would have driven that bidding up a good deal. Pets in Distress is where Neshek got his dog Juicy, which is sporting a similar outfit as Pat on the ebay page (I don't know how long this link will last).

Here's the fictional NY Post headline we just made up: Pitcher's Dress Nets Pets in Distress New Assets. That's good headline copy right there, dammit.

Here's hoping Pat kept the fishnet stockings though--Nice gams, Neshek!

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