Thursday, November 16, 2006

Art Monk Hall of Fame Watch

Art Monk is a Semi-Finalist (one of 25) of the Modern Era!

There is a touch of concern that the Redskin vote will be split, as Russ Grimm has also made it to the top 25. (I don't know whether there is a touch of concern or not--I made that up for the drama of it all).

Names in the 25 that I recognized and remember liking (which explains why I'm leaving Art Modell, Charles Haley & Michael Irvin off the list): Thurman Thomas, Derrick Thomas, Andre Reed, Ken Stabler & Richard Dent.

List gets cut down to 15 next. Monk should certainly survive that.

1 comment:

Badcock said...

Art Modell for Hall of Fame? Are you fucking kidding me? This guy barely escaped the cut for IDYFT. Any Cleveland fans out there?

I am provoked, Big Blue Monkey Balls.
Three Cheers for Heart Monk!
Three poops for Fart Modell!