Monday, November 13, 2006

Sega Hockey '95 Cures Cancer!

Did I get your attention? I'm really writing to report that the Washington Redskins have officially ended the Mark Brunnell era. The 3-6 record is not completely his fault, but something about his 49.4 passer rating against Philly was obviously wrong, like a mustache in a straight bar.

Who's Campbell again? He was drafted in the first round of 2005 after leading the unbeatenAuburn Tigers to ... what, second-and-a-half place? BCS, you sucky suck. Anyway, your 2005 Sugar Bowl MVP has been sitting and learning for two years. We're about to see if Washington will finally have a QB who's got the magic sauce. Our last QB with the sauce was Mark Rypien, and his came in a single-serving pack.

Could be, this move revitalizes the offense, ignites the defense and makes this season meaningful. After all, Campbell's hero is Steve McNair, who (just south of the Beltway) has brought his bellyfire to bolster the brimstoney Baltimore defense and the Ravens lead the AFC North which was predicted by absolutely nobody. I look forward to seeing if this kid can play.

In other NFL news:

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the Patriots just signed 43 year old QB Vinny Testaverde. Steve Buerlein, you better start warming up.

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Critical Sports Blog said...

Vinnie brings age and experience, as well as Depends, back to the NFL.

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