Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sack Are Men To

Whilst watching the Timberwolves hand the Sacramento Kings their Very First Loss of the Season to them, I hit mute at one point in the 4th Quarter, and lo and behold, the phrase from the title of this post unrolled across my screen. It took me a second to figure out what that was supposed to mean. Sack Are Men To? At first, I thought they had mispelled "too". But that still didn't make sense.

This was in the Fourth Quarter, so I have to ask who is doing the work of typing this up--presumably it wasn't an American was typing away for 2 hours, and then misheard "Sacramento" as "Sack Are Men To". Does a computer do it? I just don't know.

So I ask the greater community out there--have you tried watching a live sports event in Closed Caption? Do we have deaf readers? Care to share your frustration? Or does your brain learn to look for those sorts of obvious mistakes?

Also, Wolves win, Wolves win!

But it still has an ominous note, thanks to Troy Hudson, or T-Hud, or THUD, quotes after the game:

"I know the coach puts me out there to be Troy Hudson. He doesn't want me to be nobody else but myself. If it gets to the point where shots aren't going in or I'm taking shots that are not acceptable, he'll take me out. If he leaves me in there, I guess he wants me to be me."

I know I'd like him to be someone else. Michael Jordan would obviously be nice, but I'd also take Mark Jackson, say. I don't want Troy to be Troy, because that will inevitably mean a month of games where he goes 0-7 behind the line every game, and rolls his ankle a day after Mike James gets shot outside a nightclub, or something. Troy Hudson, please don't be the Typical Troy Hudson This Year. Please, Please, Please.

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Fish said...

I am always catching games on CC at the gym and I dont know how people handle it. They always run way behind the action and I think they just skip stuff sometimes. As well as having crazy phrases thrown in their, like Red Our Back appreciation night and other gems. I am going to pay more attention and see what others I can come up with.