Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kicking Ass At Denny's

The NFL is suspending Chicago Bears CB Manning one game for beating someone unconscious in a Denny's near UCLA. He was aided in this endeavor by former Bruins Tyler Ebell and Maurice Jones-Drew (now with the Jaguars). Manning pleaded nolo contendere and received 3 years probation & 100 hours community service.

Manning's agent said, "It's a somewhat bitter pill to swallow." Although probably not as bitter as having Manning, Ebell and Jones-Drew punch & kick you unconscious after an "argument."

Suspension of the Bears INT leader (4) will cause him to miss the upcoming game versus the Patriots. The Bears secondary will have to lean harder on sturdy young Charles "Peanut" Tillman.

Urlacher, commenting on the suspension: "It stinks! I don't know why they did it this week. That's the NFL for you."

Yeah, that's the NFL for you.

And next time Manning's Moons over My Hammy better not take 45 minutes to arrive at his table.
Late-Working NASA Scientists jump
I said doubled, smothered and covered, bitch!


Anonymous said...

The Patriots are dead.

Badcock said...

Wow, Chicago fans are still breathing?

I thought you guys all gave up?

I think the NFL power rankings put the Bears ahead of the Colts.

Neither one of those teams will win the Superbowl. Mark my words now.

Patriots vs. Bears will be a great football game. Really, that wasn't some sort of snide asshole remark. It will be a great game.

Anonymous said...

Why would we have given up? We have the best record in the league. We are about to complete a three game east coast road sweep.

As far as predicting who will not win the Super Bowl, that's hardly impessive, since the odds of a team lossing are wildly higher than they are for a team winning. Which you were also incorrect about.

Garwood B. Jones said...

C'mon Badcock. Doubled, smothered, and covered? That's Waffle House, bitch.