Friday, June 02, 2006

There's Only So Much Ironic Poseur Posturing I Can Take

Regional US Air Guitar Championships

Jonathan Maki is your "winner". He gets to move on to NYC to take part in the National Championship.

If I weren't so hungover and tired today, I'd go on a nice big rant about incredibly fucking stupid this is. Air guitar is meant to be silly and shameful and you should be embarassed if someone catches you doing it. It loses all of its power if it becaomes publicy acceptable. It's like voyeurism in that way. I mean, part of the excitement is the risk of getting caught doing it. When you make it into a public spectacle, you are not getting people who love air guitaring. You're getting people who want to be onstage, but have no real talent.

Incidentally, the event was held at the Triple Rock Social Club, which is co-owned by actually cool band (who play instruments and everything!) Dillinger Four. It is also the only place I've ever been told that before I could get my second drink, the bartender would have to see how much I was going to tip him for the first one. So, I can imagine a night of bad service evened out by a bad high-school talent show on stage. Bleh.

You can watch some of the "action" unfold here.

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