Friday, June 23, 2006

The Lineup if the United States Were a Big Footballing Nation

Claudio Reyna puts a pleasant, yet fair, spin on things:

Regardless of our ranking, which we all within the team think is a bit too high and not right, we’re still a small footballing nation. We’re getting better and the expectations are up for us to at least get out of our group. That’s why we’re disappointed. In a short time we've come a long way and that’s the goal we set coming into World Cups.

Indeed, we are still a small footballing nation with small footballing salaries and limited footballing celebrity. If we were a big footballing nation with big footballing salaries and fantastic footballing celebrity, the starting eleven for the 2006 Cup could have looked like this:

Strikers: Dwayne Wade, Terrell Owens

Midfielders: Chad Johnson, Allen Iverson, Derek Jeter, Rip Hamilton

Defenders: Michael Vick, Mike Modano, Randy Moss, Kobe Bryant

Keeper: Antonio Gates

Can you imagine how dangerous this team would be on set pieces?


Big Blue Monkey said...

I would like to see Chad Johnson's celebration after he ripped a 30 yard shot upper 90.

Muumuuman said...

I see Kobe got the nod, but what about Shaq up front? Imagine a header from about 7 feet in the air with 300 lbs. of force behind it. Inagine Shaq standing on the spot during the corner, even the lanky preying mantis Crouch would look tiny.