Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Trade KG

I Dislike Your Favorite Team

Try this on for size. I think the Bulls should make an offer for Kevin Garnett. The Bulls have the young players, the cap space, and the draft picks that should interest Minnesota. If I were Paxson I would offer Minnesota one of our young starters and both of our picks (2 and 16). The media around here has been saying 2 players and the picks. The Bulls shouldn't give up what would be 4 young players for a 30 year old Garnett. The Bulls should offer the picks and Luol Deng for Garnett. I think that trade would benefit both teams. Of course for Chicago, they would get one of the best players in the league. People say no way Minnesota goes for that, but this is why they should.
1) They would get KG's salary off the books and have the cap flexibility that haven't had since they gave Garnett that 100 million dollar extension back in 97 or 98.
2) They would get an outstanding young player in Luol Deng who is only 21.
3) They would get the Bulls two draft picks and have their own lottery pick. Which would give them picks 2,6, and 16. Not bad to start the rebuilding process. They would be able to get Aldridge or Thomas with #2 and maybe Brandon Roy would be there at #6.

The Bulls won't need to match salary because they have the cap room to bring in his contract. I believe you don't need to match salary if you have the cap room to take on a player's salary outright. Thats how the Nuggets were able to trade for Kenyon Martin for just 3 draft picks with no other players involved.


You must consider that KG is no longer the 'kid', and that he plays with the type of abandon and hard grinding style which makes me wonder how long he'll go at a high level. Plus, people love to blame the supporting cast, and obviously there is a lot to that, but.... KG does not have the type of game or the domineering hyper competitive personality that can in of itself carry a team to greatness. He'd be absolutely wonderful as a number 2 on a team... say to Kobe or AI, but he just doesn't have the what it takes to win as THE Man. Actually, the Bulls situation with Ben Gordon as the alpha male at crunch time of close games might work out really nicely for him.

Thats why Stephon Marbary's selfish stupidity in asking out of MN was such a tragedy. He had the type of talent and temperament that could have been the perfect ying to KG's yang.... but alas it was not to happen.

Remember how Cassell and Spree destroyed the Wolves a couple of years ago, I'm telling you... KG does not have the character to will a team to victory.... Trade him to the Bulls now... and force them to take Blount with him.


1) KG wants out, and has been sulking for quite a while now. Not good if you're going to build a winner.

2) His absurd contract immediately puts the wolves over the cap, and hamstrings the ability of McHale to put anyone of value around him that isn't a risk (either on the downside of a long career, or a tempermental tool who runs hot and cold at moments notice--- witness Cassel and Spree) ... So enjoy enjoy your fortune Mr. Garnett but don't bitch that you're a one man team

3) It obviously depends on how highly McHale values this draft. If he thinks Aldridge may be the next Bosh, or Roy's going to be a poor man's Wade (both of which I've heard and think are plausible). You take two in the draft, using the 2nd Bulls pick to have maneuverability to ensure you get your guys (Hell Ainge will help you out for taking Blount off his hands), get Deng who is going to be a player. You have increased salary flexibility to add veteran guidance and talent. I don't understand why anybody would say this isn't a reasonable chance to take.

Yes its somewhat of a risk, but any rebuilding always entails risk.

Ultimately, I think the trade comes down to the fact that I think KG is a bit of a nancy boy. You can sight as many stats as you want, but having had lived in Minnesota for the better part of his career it comes down to the fact that I don't think he has the stones to lead a team to a title.

Just my honest opinion.... bitches


Jerious Norwood said...

Boy is this shit an effective time waster... well done, Tomije

Muumuuman said...

I agree with the shirt, trade him. Just keep in mind, whoever you trade him to will appear in the NBA finals next year and the wolves will be the new clippers for at least a few years.

Big Blue Monkey said...

I just don't see it happenin', ya'll.