Saturday, June 24, 2006

Our Last Fun Facts Are About France

For all the shit France gets in America for being rude pussies who generally suck to be around, we should remember the following:

1. Staute of Liberty. an architectual marvel, and also a marvel of shipping.

2. Marquis de Lafeyette An unexperienced, but brilliant military mind that the French sent over. He quickly became Washington's sounding board. And he spread the virus of liberty to the French homeland. Which got Thomas Paine killed, at least according to Neil Gaiman's Sandman, which, while fiction and a comic book, is still fucking great.

3. Sartre & Camus. Most important writers in the 20th century. They gave a language to the disaffected Europeans during WWII and after it, and also gave a language of understanding to the underclass of America. richard Wright and Sartre were peas in a pod, and they knew it. Why don't we know it now? As Richard Wright himself said, "I was an existenialist before I ever heard the word."

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