Friday, June 16, 2006

Say Hello to Our Newest Qualifiers

Fun Facts About Argentina!

1. Argentina, in terms of land mass, is the 8th biggest country in the world! Bet you didn't know that. We're learning!

2. Jorge Luis Borge was Argentinian!

3. European explorers said that the Patagonian region was rife with giants, 9-12 feet tall. They were more than likely full of shit.

Fun Facts about The Netherlands, besides the ones about the Hashish houses and sex shows that you degenerates know all about already...

1. The Netherlands wear garish orange in recongition of the House of Orange, which became the royal house of both the Netherlands and England way back in the 17th century, thanks to William of Orange, and his super sneaky first cousin/wife. Something most people don't know about William of Orange--he was a total fucking bad ass.

2. They are very artisically inclined, and not in a noodle around on a guitar for 5 hours kind of way. We're talking Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh, Mondrian, and de Kooning.

3. They also have the most famous forger of all time as their citizen. Art + drugs + sex = at least one kick ass forger. If you don't know the story of Han van Meegeren, enjoy this sample and then read the synopsis over at wikipedia.

From Wikipedia:
Van Meegeren thought the local art critics were mean and ignorant, and he decided to prove it by publicly embarrassing them. Van Meegeren was intimately familiar with the painting techniques of the Dutch masters, and decided to produce a fake Vermeer. He would let the art critics praise it, and then reveal that it was a fraud, proving their ignorance. His specific target was Dr. Abraham Bredius, who was a recognized authority on Vermeer and who Van Meegeren particularly despised. He knew that scholars believed Vermeer to have painted a larger number of biblical subjects during the early phase of his career than have survived, and chose to fill this gap himself.

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