Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Worst World Cup Ever.....

No, I'm not saying this is the worst World Cup ever, I'm pondering which player has had the most disappointing world cup - ever. Some contenders:

Zidane Zinedine: Sure, those gold shoes he stole from Carl Lewis are nifty but his performance, and the performance of the French side, has become a nasty doppelganger of the team that won the cup in 1998. No cheers for Zindane as he left the pitch and may sit out his last game. Zero goals, nil assists for Zindane so far in his final cup, but I predict more woes for the French side. After Barthez slips on the turf and throws the ball into his own goal in the 90th minute costing France the game, Zindane will retire with some jail time for assault charges.

Wayne Rooney: So much hype for the "white Pele", anything short of hat trick after hat trick for England would appear disappointing. The raging bull/floating butterfly has only impressed me so far with his temper tantrum on the bench. When my kids act like that, they get a spanking. When Rooney acts like that, he pays for his spankings. No jeers kids, in Germany it's all legal!

Justo Villar: First World Cup... 3 minutes and an own goal... 7 minutes and he's out...3 matches and Paraguay heads home. Ouch, that has to sting a bit.

Ronaldo: I think everything has been said short of "Fatty Fatty 2 by 4! Can't run on the pitch no more!" Maybe that has been said. Let me know.

That's all for now, feel free to post some of your own nominations....

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Big Blue Monkey said...

How about Michael Owen for going down like a sack of shit just when the English had their full group of talent available? How about Sven Goren being a complete dumbass and bringing only 4 strikers, 2 of whom were coming back from serious injury, and one that hasn't played a single minute for his professional squad. Good thinking!