Monday, June 26, 2006

Round of 16 Day 3--Yeah, Leave the Whining to Bloggers!

I didn't want to preview these games, and I don't really want to recap them. So I'll be brief. Australia and Italy played the kind of ugly, flop and foul filled game you might have expected.

Italy 1, Australia 0

Italy got the game winner on a penalty kick, that while a penalty was one that was completely sold by the Italians. And for some reason, Balboa praised a guy for really "selling that Penalty!" like it was the most awesome play ever. Embarassing.

Ukraine 0, Switzerland 0 (Ukraine 3 PKs, Switzerland 0)
Ukraine and Switzerland took PK's to decide it. Commenter/contributor muumuuman has pointed out that it wasn't just a lack of offense, but good defense, and some fortuitious woodwork that kept this game scoreless. Still, this game served to underline a feeling that neither of these teams have really played well enough to deserve to be here. Maybe the World Cup needs some crazy wildcard system, where fan favorites get voted into the next round. I'm much rather have seen the Ivory Coast play Croatia then either of these games.

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