Thursday, June 08, 2006

Group H, just in the nick of time

Hey, alright, Blogger ate my post, and doubled up miwacar's last one. So since the Cup is less than 10 hours away (give or take a few minutes), I'll not recreate the whole capsule I wrote. Here's what's important about Group H:

It's more wide open than it looks if you know your Spanish squads. Yes, they have a ton of talent, yes they are better than anyone else in this Group. That has been true in every World Cup for about the last 20 years, and the Spanish keep crapping out. Perhaps it is their insistence that they have siesta in the middle of games. Perhaps taking a break from the up until 6 am drinking cheap sangria would be a good idea, Spaniards. Remember the Maine! 1898! Never forget!

OK, so the group is:

Saudi Arabia

Ukraine has Shevchenko. Best finisher in the world, possibly. Put Ukraine through. If you are looking for a ballsy upset pick, never forget that a truly ballsy upset pick comes from out of nowhere, and often Africa. I'm putting Tunisia through to the quarters, with a second place finish. Saudi Arabia will give Spain fits, and probably no one else.

However, there will be a special moment when the US players and the Saudi Arabian players get together to talk about how their governments enjoy repressing women. We got political for a second there!

Back to soccer in the next post!

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