Thursday, June 22, 2006

Celebrate like the Costa Ricans

Maybe we need to plana trip to the airport:

After losing all its World Cup final matches in Germany, a disgraced and jetlagged Costa Rican soccer team had to face taunts from a group of angry hecklers when it arrived home on Wednesday.

One heckler, 65-year-old truck driver Leo Herrera, suggested the players might do better in an industry for which, unlike soccer, the small Central American nation is renowned for its excellence across the globe.

'Sirs: Coffee pickers are needed,' read a sign he waved at the players. 'The only requirement: lack of shame.'

Ouch. More here.

How about some suggestions for signs to wave at the US? I'll get us started...

'Donovan: Born high, forever don't try, shot velocity nil, Wanna hide forever? Shoot, if you want your cup to fill! They call you Mellow Yellow because you're a coward (quite rightly).'

Okay, it's a little verbose but you get the jist...


Fish said...

where was john obrein...if he was truly not fit enough to play why was he on the roster.

I really dont like the ben olsen for reyna move, at that point why not put in someone who can distribute the ball or at least give a semi-accurate pass. it is frustrating to watch the us play kick and run when they are not faster then the team they are trying to execute it on.


side note - a shame that essien will miss the brazil match

Big Blue Monkey said...

Fish--I agree with you at the O'Brien and Olsen decisions. Its one thing if O'Brien "isn't fit", he could still run around for 20 minutes. "isn't healthy" is another thing altogether, and I don't think we were told everything there.