Sunday, June 11, 2006

Day 3 Wrap up, Robben & Robin, Rhymin' and Stealin'

So, my first 2 predictions were pretty close. Got the final result correct, and I was within a goal for both. Portugal pulled a Sweden of sorts.

Serbia is better than I thought, but they were still not good enough to avoid losing to the Netherlands. This is the main problem I have with Serbia. They have the goods to produce chances, but I just don't see them scoring many goals, and while it is great to hold a powerhouse like the Netherlands to one goal, that one goal is seemingly enough to beat the Serbs. Game was pretty much played like I thought. The Netherlands, in particular Arjen Robben, but also Robin Van Persie, had stretches of dominance, breaking wildly fun runs right at the heart of the Serbian defense, only to be turned away at the last minute. Robben (with a feed from Robin) broke free once early to notch the game-winner, but they couldn't score again.

Serbs played tough, somewhat sketchy defense. I don't think their reputation helped them any, as there were some questionable yellow cards handed out in this match. And yet, somehow, the dude who piled into van der Saar got away without collected his yeller. van der Saar was brilliant, by the by, but did look a little tired by the end--he appeared to be cramping up. Get some fluids, Thin Man!

I didn't watch Mexico vs. Iran. I accidently took a little nap and by DVD recorder was set up by this idiot who didn't get the timer done right. That was me. But from what I understand, this may have been the most entertaining match of the day, with some back and forth action in the first half, followed by Mexico pulling away in the second. 3-1 to Mexico, and people who be talking about how good the looked in the victory, and how this team might contend, and they will all be overlooking the fact that they looked good against friggin' Iran.

Which is more than Portugal can say about their game against Angola. There were a couple of moments of brilliance, but they were few and far between, and the 4th minute goal, while a picture of beauty, wasn't followed up by much of anything. Portugal gets 3 points, which is the important thing, but if a group that could be decided by goal different, they didn't do themselves any favors. Curious substitution patterns in this game. I still kinda want to kick Christiano Ronaldo in the nuts. Portugal, if they play like this against Mexico, might get hammered.

Coming up shortly, Day 4 analysis and predictions. See if I can't keep my acumen mojo a'rolling.

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