Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Day 13 Wrap-Up

I, the Big Blue Monkey, due to work and a little fatigue didn't get to watch anywhere near as many of these games as I would like. I'm probably going to watch the replay of Argentina and the Netherlandsd right now, but I need to get some results up on the page. I mean, we're already 18 hours behind the news, which is fine. I couldn't stomach being 20 hours behind, though.

Portugal 2, Mexico 1. Portugal was the better of these two teams. Mexico moves up the charts as early exit contenders in the my book. Mexico does advance, our only new team to join the group of 16 today. I suppose I'll come up with some fun facts about them, but I don't really wanna.

Angola 1, Iran 1. Dammit! Stupid heart! My heart told me Angola would do whatever it took to advance. My heart fucking lied. Apparently, my heart works for Angola. hmmph.

Ivory Coast 3, Serbia 2 Entertaining game by the looks of it. Serbia came out swinging, and it worked to their advantage in the first 20 minutes, notching their first two goals of the tournament. Dindane, a scary talented striker for the Elephants, brought them back to within one on a PK a few minutes before half, and then went to work in the second half. I really wish there was a way that team could be advanced ahead of say, Mexico, or France.

Netherlands 0, Argentina 0 OK, so maybe I won't watch that game. But I have already seen at least one remarkable save by van der Saar, and it was on The Hunchback of Argentina, Carlos Tevez, who is one bad little dude. I hope we see more of him. Got to see some Messi in this game, too. This was Argentina's way of little people know that they have more talented people on their bench then other teams have starting. Be scared of Argentina. Because of the draw, Argentina takes first in the group, The Netherlands 2nd.

Portugal vs. The Netherlands should be a sweet match. One can't help thinking that the Argentinians will run roughshod over Mexico.

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