Thursday, June 15, 2006

Day 7 check in, and Learn Something about our 2nd rounders

See, Poland? That's how you play when your tournament life is on the line! Ecuador, who was admittedly given a much easier task in Costa Rica, took care of business, and beat Costa Rica 3-0.

This puts them at the top of the the group. Germany and Ecuador will play essentially to decide position going into the Round of 16.

Fun facts about Ecuador:
With in its borders, the highest active volcano in the world. Cotopaxi, in the Andes, is one of the highest volcanos in the world at 19,347 ft. The CIA factbook says it is the highest. Wikipedia disagrees. The disagreement seems to stem over what "active" really means.

Voting is compulsory for every literate person aged 18-65 (optional after age 65, or if illiterate, I guess).

For political purposes, the Galapagos Islands are part of Ecuador.

Fun facts about Germany: (aside from the occasional grasp for World Domination, I mean)
They kicked the Roman Empire's fucking ass! Whoo!

If you wish to order beer in Germany, do it thusly: "Ein Bier, bitte."

Carl Gauss was from there, and man, was that cat ever fucking cool.

So, there you go. It doesn't have to all sports here. We can improve ourselves too, ya bloody savages.

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