Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Jack Kemp a Bit of a Dick

But he's still not as bad as Tom Powers, who is a stupid fat fuck. Still.

But Kemp has written an article of sorts, where he basically says, "Hey I was just kidding when I said soccer was boring. I love soccer. But it is boring. Just kidding. But it is. "

If I remember correctly, it was those kinds of well thought out ideas that vaulted Jack Kemp into 5th in the 1988 Republican Primary and into riding shotgun on Bob Dole's kamikaze effort in 1996.

Anyway, slow afternoon? Give it a read. And then think back, all the way to 1996. Do you remember him running for Vice President? Man, I was of voting age, and I don't really recall that. Enterprise zones? Is that right? Something. But clearly, he's a very important guy, and we should listen to what he has to say. Before he goes senile. Which is any day now. possibly already happened. probably did.

(Kemp link via Deadspin)

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