Wednesday, June 14, 2006

a little more on Germany and Poland

I imagine some people may have read my post on Germany vs. Poland and wondered aloud about how angry I can be at Poland when they made it to the 90th minute with a tied score. Hindsight is 20/20, you Big Blue Monkey, you might yell.

Well, fuck you, you Whiny Ass Titty Baby. You don't know me! Well, if you are reading this blog, you probably do, but that's beside the point.

I was screaming at the TV at the 53rd minute, when it became clear that Poland was playing for the tie. And the crime isn't just that they lost, but the very idea that they were playing for the tie in the first place.

2 games in, they were gunning for 1 point. They had so much confidence in their ability to beat, not tie, Ecuador, that they gave up all forays towards the net?

Hey, Big Blue, they were playing a man down for the last 15 minutes. True, and that's what it took for the Germans to take control. Had they pushed, the first 30 minutes, they might have had the lead. They might have won that game.

That said, I forgot to highlight the fact the Lahm, Germany's left defender, is a fucking bad-ass who deserved man of the match honors. He disrupted Poland's defense like no one else. He's a little jittery defender, with a quick step, good vision, and a wicked shot. Lahm might be the best player on the German squad, and that includes whiny ass Michael Ballack, the Pony Whose Trick Is One, Klose.

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Anonymous said...

It took you until the 53rd minute to figure out that the Pollacks were playing for a tie? Sheez. By the way, did any of your neighbor's call the cops as you were angrily screaming ethnic slurs at your tele?