Monday, June 19, 2006

Day 11 Wrap Up

First off, apologies to Fish, who apparently has been actually visiting our site fairly regularly for the World Cup updates and analysis. I took yesterday off. I have actually World Cupped myself out a bit, but I'm back on the horse with some big results today.

Togo 0, Switzerland 2. And with that, Togo has punched their ticket home. They gave South Korea & Switzerland good games. Switzerland played like Switzerland. They got a goal up relatively early and took almost the rest of the game to get their second. Togo came at them hard, got SCREWED out of a penalty kick, and their keeper made some big saves throughout the game. This sets up a big day in the final day of the group, with Switzerland and S. Korea with 4 points each, and France with 2.

Saudi Arabia 0, Ukraine 4. Hey, this is the Ukraine I was expecting. Dominated the match, with Shevchenko one of many contributing offense. Of course, it was against Saudi Arabia, one of the teams that seemed slated for an early exit from the the get-go. This was not a real test for Ukraine, no matter how much trouble the Saudis gave Tunisia earlier this week. Ukraine needs a tie or better against Tunisia on Friday to guarantee advancing.

Spain 3, Tunisia 1 The final result is misleading in what was an absolute corker of a match. Tunisia scored in the first 10 minutes, and certainly Spanish fans must have been thining, "Oh no, not again." Especially when the 2nd half was halfway gone with still the result the same. But Spanish halftime subs Raul and Fabregas made some noise, and tied it in the 71st minute. Fabregas keyed Torres first goal in the 76th, and Raul keyed the ball that led to Torres getting brought down in the box at the end of a game, leading to an end of game PK by Torres. Spain has to be happy with the result, and may have to wonder whether they need to be using Fabregas more. Young, energetic, creative player who brought an identifiable lift to the team in the 2nd half. Spain has now qualified for the Round of 16.

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