Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Day 5 Wrap Up, of Sorts

Well, South Korea is the big dog of Group G after 1 round of games. It's not particularly surprising. They were playing Togo, who actually looked like the 2nd best team in this group. France looked old; Switzerland looked too chippy for their own good, and a bit too conservative. Presumably, they will attempt to open it up against what they see as the less dangerous teams.

But I don't particularly care for their approach against France. It felt like they had France on the ropes, and decided to play it safe rather than going for the 3 points. If they don't make it into the next round, their cautious play in this game could come back to haunt them. Still, they were playing for a point, and they got a point.

The commentators on the game don't seem to realize that this French team isn't very good anymore. Perhaps they'll figure it out before they get booted out of the tournament.

My disc got all screwy so I can't really comment on the Brazil game, except to say that if they only scored 1-0, they must have been a bit off their game. Brazil is one of those few teams that can be off their game and still win. They should coast the rest of the way to the quarterfinals.

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