Monday, June 26, 2006

Round of 16, Day 4: Predictions an' Such

oooh, some good games, presumably. Two apparently overmatched teams, but two teams that have shown some grit and some in the case of France, some ole fashioned gumption, dagnabbit! (that's my subtle way of calling them old)

Brazil vs. Ghana On paper, Ghana is even more of an underdog than you might think. They lost Michael Essien in their last match to a red card, and he won't be available for this tilt. Also, Brazil is coming off their most impressive victory yet, a game where they finally began to look like the team everyone has been waiting for. I expect this to be a much closer game than what some people may think is reasonable, and nice and wide open and just fun to watch. Record this one, and try to avoid hearing anything about it during your workday. If I'm right, it will be worth it. And have I guided you wrong yet, aside from all those times when I guided you wrongly? I didn't think so.

Prediction: Brazil 3, Ghana 1

Spain vs. France OK, sure Spain is scoring goals at a furious pace, and France got through to this round by scoring less in 3 games what Spain did in 1 game (twice). But France only allowed 1 goal against powerhouses Togo, Switzerland, and South Korea. So you know their defense is more than capable of stopping that Spanish attack. Especially as France has announced plans to launch The Last Boy Scout Defense. Fernando Torres will be shot in the head on the field in the 25th minute or so, which should really affect Spain's morale and finishing. Barring that, expect a very entertaining display by the Spanish. Don't forget to curse them for their shenanigans during 1898. Remember the Maine!

Prediction: Spain 3, France 0

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John said...

That 3-0 Spain prediction's looking pretty bad now, huh?