Saturday, June 17, 2006

Day 9: Predictions and Analysis

Game 24: Portugal vs. Iran

This game is big because here's where we see how serious Portugal is. Lackluster against Angola, and now Angola has a point, from Mexico. Iran may think they are in this game. It is Portugal's job to end that idea early, like they did against Angola. The difference is, they shouldn't score once and then dick around for 85 minutes. This is Portugal's game to win, but the trend seems to be that teams that should win big and don't, don't correct it one game later (see England and Sweden).

In the hopes of making of this group an absolute dogpile, I predict...

Prediction: Portugal 0, Iran 0

Game 25: Czech Republic vs. Ghana.

Ghana is talented, and they need this game, desperately. They are on the verge of joining the Ivory Coast as being the two most talented teams not to advance. The Czechs need this game, too, because no one wants to come in Second in this group, because that should mean playing Brazil in the next round. Enjoy the midfield battle between Essien and Nedved. This to me seems like a toss-up. The Czechs are hard to gauge, because they went against such a pussy ass USA squad The Ghanians seem tough for playing with Italy, who seems really fucking awesome.

Prediction: Czech Republic 1, Ghana 2

Game 26: Italy vs. USA

I've set things up so that if my predictions come true, this game is huge. the Czechs have 3 points, the Ghanians have 3 points, Italy has 3 points, and the US needs only a win to tie things up.

I don't think it happens though. I think if the US plays perfect ball, and the Italians falter, the US has a chance to steal 3 points. However, I also think if the Italians were going to falter it would have been in their first game. I have no confidence in the US playing perfect ball this game.

I hate to say it, hate hate hate hate

Prediction: Italy 3, USA 1.


Anonymous said...

Would it kill you to have a little faith in the US of A you fucking commie?

softwolf said...

Juicy balls!