Wednesday, June 28, 2006


As I drained my bladder last night, I assumed a hands free position and raised my hands to my head… and saw a vision in the water below….

Germany vs Argentina

Who can defeat the Germans in Berlin? Only the US, Britain, and Russia combined. Despite the general consensus that their D is lacking they have three consecutive clean sheets, and will send Argentina packing.

Germany 3 Argentina 1

England vs Portugal

England will finally come together as a team and Rooney will get his first world cup goal. Without Deco, Portugual’s offence stalls, and on goes England.

England 2, Portugal 0

Italy vs Ukraine

Just like in the US game, the heavy midfield will stifle the Italians, and their run into the box at a defender full steam and pray for a PK strategy will fail. I see yellows for the Italian strikers, and I see the yellow team advancing with a brilliant strike from Shevchenko..

Italy 0, Ukraine 1

Brazil vs. France, Ronaldino vs. Zindane, Ronaldo vs. Henry

I had an earlier vision of Barthez throwing the ball into his own net – that may happen in this match. However, the French will play on – who will be more creative in the midfield? Who will be offside more? Who is “cockier”? Who has gold shoes? Zindane!

Brazil 2, France 3 (overtime)

Now if these events do not occur I must have been gazing into bizarro world, in which case the exact opposite of what I said will occur. Barthez will throw the ball away from his goal – imagine that!


Jerious Norwood said...

Take back your jinx of the English, you bastard. Take it back!

The Editor said...

You're a jinxer! Hopefully you are right -- I'd love all of those results.