Saturday, June 24, 2006

Round of 16: Day 1

Germany vs. Sweden

Sweden has looked energetic but without skill, and without real ability to finish. Meanwhile, Germany has looked far better than anyone predicted them to be. This team is better than the 2002 team, I think. And I think the difference is Lahm. the Swedish seemed happy to sit back and counter in their group play. It won't work here. Unless the Swiss overhaul their philosophy, they are going down in this game. Klose gets another goal, at least.

Prediction: Germany 2, Sweden 0.

Argentina vs. Mexico.

This feels like a first round game. Mexico has, to be frank, no chance. Ass kicking about to happen here. Sure, sure, anything can happen! Maybe Scott Bakula is going to teleport into the middle of the field, and save Mexico with the skills he learned in 18th century England. Barring that, Mexico isn't going to be suddenly talented the way Argentina is. I expect a total ass-kicking.

Prediction: Argentina 4, Mexico 1

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