Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Day 6 Wrap Up--Poland plays like a Polish Stereotype

Well, I have already admitted to my failure at predicting the Spanish v. Ukraine game, which is below. So I'm won't wrap that one up again. That would be cruel to the Ukranians, and they've been through enough. Some random American piling on them on his blog--that might just push them over the edge.

So, let's look at the other games, wherein my predictions weren't absolute shit.

You can refer to the post, if you like, but I'm paraphrasing myself here, ala Chet. (Not Weird Science Chet, Kicking and Screaming Chet).

I said that those 2nd tier games had thus far been more entertaining, and Allahu Akbar, did Tunisia and Saudi Arabia ever friggin deliver.

Tunisia scored first, and then kind of took their foot off the gas in the 2nd half. But they never were really in that much control to begin with really. Saudi Arabia was game as all get out, and put up two goals in the second half, including one in the 84th. Then in the 89th or so, they had a free kick that bounced off the wall, and bounced dangerously off the woodwork. Almost 3-1! with almost no time left to play.

With basically no time left to play, Tunisia scavenged a point with a forceful header in traffic. Tie ball game 2-2, everyone gets a point! Everyone's happy, especially Ukraine, who now control a bit more of their destiny than they deserve. They need to win out, and hope Spain keeps playing the way they did today, but if that happens, Ukraine advances.

I still like Tunisia to find its way out of this group, but I don't know if it will be taking Spain's place or Ukraine's.

Great, great fucking game. Probably overlooked. If you have a buddy who taped it, watch it. Who cares if you know the result? I did, and I was still blown away. One of the most entertaining matches thus far.

Now, to Poland, who played exactly the way I didn't think they possibly could. They actually came out looking for the tie. Maybe not right away, but by the beginning of the second half, they were looking for a nil-nil draw. Despite not having any points! Craziness! What next? Land a man on the sun, during the night?

And so, Poland, needing desperately a win, went for a tie, and got a loss. They deserve it. I can't believe they played the way they did. If their coach told them to play that way, they should have ignored him. They needed 3 points. Not 1 point, and certainly not 0. They never, ever tested Lehmann. And for 45 minutes, they didn't even bother to try.

Boo, Poland, Boo. Enjoy the bus back to Lodz, ya jerks.

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