Friday, June 16, 2006

Day Ocho Wrap-up: A good Day to Dislike Mexico

Today was a big day, and unlike Sweden and England, the big dogs today didn't disappoint at all. Unless you consider the Messicans a big dog.

Results and Analysis, as best as I can muster!

Argentina vs. Serbia and Black Monty. Ass kicking. 6-0? I mean, I know I've seen a ref help Spain to a 4-0 victory over Ukraine, but this was nothing of that sort. This was domination, against a team that based its entire World Cup Qualifying run on not letting people score on them. The Netherlands only managed one goal on them. Argentina put six on the board. People were talking about this team before, and the talk can only get louder. This is a deep, talented squad, particularly on offense. They punish mistakes, and they run at defenses. Argentina hasn't been this good since 1986, and You Know Who. (Sniff, Sniff, Hand of God covered in Cocaine, etc).

Netherlands vs. Ivory Coast. I'm sad to see the Ivorians go. They are at this point, likely to be the best team not to get to the round of 16. That sentence wasn't particularly clear. The Ivorians are guaranteed to not be in the next round, and as of right now, they are by far the best team to not get in. They were better than some of the teams that are guaranteed to be in. I think this Ivorian squad would have carved up England or Sweden. That's why they call it a Group of Death, I suppose. Still, they played great, and it seems horribly unfair that Didier Drogba won't get to play in their last game, due to a rather bullshit yellow card. Oh, and my prediction was dead on. This game, I have to say, Robben did hold on to the ball far too long too many times. He's dangerous no doubt, but I think he needs to realize that Robin Van Persie is almost as dangerous. Oh, and the goals in this one were wonderful. If you have it on tape, and you are debating whether to watch, do so. Go watch, and marvel at how good a game can be. Wonderful soccer. Netherlands advance. As do Argentina.

Mexico vs. Angola. This was just a lovely bit of schadenfreude for every American fan who was pissed at the easy draw Mexico got. 0-0. That group is still up in the air, because Mexico couldn't put away Angola. Awesome. Makes my balls tingle thinking about it. If Mexico crashes out early, along with the US (who almost certainly will, sad to say) then next world cup, maybe FIFA won't be so quick to make fucking Mexico a #1 seed. Even listless, bored Portugal put one in the net against Angola.

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